Sink and Shower Unblocking

Sinks and showers are notorious for getting blocked waste pipes. Often the culprit may not be the shower itself, and the clog could be much further into the drainage system. In these cases, flushing a toilet, emptying a sink or draining a washing machine can cause water in the drainage system to back up and flow up into the shower tray which is often the lowest point in the bathroom.

Chemical Unblockers

If you have a physical blockage in your waste pipe system, sometimes a chemical agent can help to shift it, but often the blockage will be deeper in the system, especially if you are seeing symptoms such as showers or sinks not draining away properly. Our qualified engineers can investigate and diagnose these types of drainage issues and make recommendations on what work is required to get everything moving again. This can involve CCTV surveys to locate the source of the problem, which can also help to determine if the work should be covered by your home insurance.