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Pitch Fibre Pipes

We have been carrying out repairs to damaged pitch fibre for a number of years and offer our customers the complete solution to pitch fibre problems.  We can re-shape a deformed pipe, install a structural liner to hold the pipe in shape (stopping any future deformation) or we can simply replace the pipe.

Pitch fibre was considered a quality material to use for drains in the 1960s, however, these days it is widely recognised as not strong enough to cope with the material that flows down our drains these days. Extra strength cleaning products, strong solvents and food fats will deteriorate a pitch fibre pipe leading to problems, such as leaking pipes.

A pitch fibre pipe can blister or de-laminate allowing the pipe to become deformed or out of shape, leading to the serious problem of a blocked or collapsed pipe.

For any pitch fibre problems, any advice or urgent problems that need solving, please contact us on 07743 144124 for a free no obligation quote. You'll find our prices competitive with a high standard of service!