Patch Line Drain Repairs

Patch lining is a non intrusive method of drain repair that can be significantly cheaper and quicker than traditional drain replacement. Without the need for messy excavations, even hard to access drains can be patched where a full new liner isn’t required.

Choosing the right solution

We use CCTV surveys to identify the location of the fault and will advise on whether a full liner is appropriate or a patch will be sufficient to resolve the issue. Where a patch is recommended, the patch will be spread out using an epoxy resin before being wrapped around a pipe packer. This is then inserted into the drain to the point of the defect before being inflated to seal the patch onto the inner surface of the drain. After an hour the resin will be cured and the packer can be removed. This method of drain repair can save you hundreds of pounds but may not always be the right solution. At South West Drainage Services we will always thoroughly assess your requirements and identify the fault at hand so we are able to recommend the best fix.