Manhole Repairs

Some drain blockages can be caused by the benching around manhole covers having degraded, which can lead to it breaking away and entering the drain. In addition subsidence or even just old age can affect manhole covers making them unsafe and unsightly.

Defective manholes and inspection chambers can structurally affect the entire drainage system so it is important to ensure inspection covers are replaced if they are old or broken. As well as being dangerous to pedestrians loose brickwork within chambers can lead to water loss, blockages and rodent activity.

Repairing sunken manholes

South West Drainage Services have extensive experience working in the drainage industry, and we can consult on the best solution for replacing or repairing broken manhole covers to prevent leakage or other drainage problems. New manholes can be constructed to improve access to your existing drainage system and we can advise on where these should be constructed and to what depth in order to ensure full compliance with relevant regulations.