Drain Relining

Problems with pitch fibre, root damage, cracked pipes or displaced joints can often be solved by relining the drain at fault. Relining a drain involves inserting a structural liner impregnated with polyester resin into the pipe. The liner is then inflated using either water or air and left to set for 3 to 4 hours. Once the liner has set the inflation tube can be removed, and the new joint free pipe will usually last for around 75 years.

No messy excavations

Relining is suitable for nearly all types of drainage, whether made from PVC, clay, pitch fibre or even stone culverts. For specialist commercial requirements we can provide liners which are heat and chemical resistant so they can be used in nearly all applications. Avoiding the mess and cost of excavations, re-lining drains is a popular solution to a range of drainage problems and we will always endeavour to advise on the most appropriate solution for your individual situation.