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CCTV Drain Surveys (also available for Home Buyers Reports)

If trying to unblock the drain isn't fixing the problem, we may suggest carrying out a CCTV inspection of your drains to understand exactly what is going on. Our engineer will pass a camera through the drain, so they can see exactly what the problem is and recommend the necessary steps to fix this with a long-term solution to help prevent it happening again.

If you're concerned about a persistent fault with your drains a CCTV drain survey could be just what you need to see the problem in glorious technicolour. It may be something completely surprising - in the past our CCTV cameras have turned up tree roots, collapsed pipes or even the unlikeliest of blockages, such as lost mobile phones, children's toys or other household objects.

By putting the camera into the problem drain we will be able to discover whether there are displaced joints, roots, cracks or any other foreign objects or damage.