Soakaway Repairs

Soakaway Repairs in Somerset and the South West

A soakaway system carries waste water away from your septic tank and allows water to percolate through the subsoils through a network of slotted pipes. This treatment of the waste water enables the waste water to soak into the ground, retaining the solids in the septic tank.

How do you know if your soakaway is damaged?

Damaged soakaways may not be noticeable at first but there are a few symptoms that could inidicate you have a problem which will need looking into by a drainage engineer. If you find that your septic tank or sewage treatment plant needs to be emptied more frequently, or if you see dirty water pooling above ground, along with sewage smells, we would recommend you get someone in to investigate. If water is backing up from the soakawy into the septic tank, it can cause more pollution than just water leaking from the soakaway, as it means that unsettled sewage is getting out of your tank. Any situation where untreated sewage or waste water is pooling in your garden is obviously a health risk and should be tackled immediately.

What can go wrong with a soakaway system?

The two most common causes of soakaway problems are root damage, where the roots of trees close to the soakaway force their way into pipes and tanks cracking walls and creating leaks, and vehicle damage, where vehicles may drive or park on top of a soakaway, crushing and blocking pipework.

In addition, if you have a problem with your sewage treatment or septic tank system, and solid waste leaves the system, it can become lodged in the soakaway causing blockages and preventing it from working properly.

How to fix a soakaway

As with so many drainage issues the key to an economical and long lasting repair is to fully understand exactly what damage needs to be addressed. At South West Drainage Services we have over 30 years of experience working in the drainage industry and our qualified and experienced engineers can assess the problem you are facing and will recommend a suitable course of action. This may involve a CCTV drain survey to more accurately pin point a specific issue which can help to reduce the amount of excavation work required to locate a fault.

We don’t work on commission so will never recommend work that isn’s necessary and will always give you an honest appraisal of any issues we come across in the course of investigating your drainage system. In addition, you may find that your building insurance will cover or contribute to the costs to repair or replace your soakway.

If you have a concern about your soakaway and would like to discuss it with one of our engineers just give us a call on 07743 144124 or email