Tackling Sewage Flooding

Increasing public awareness of the problems caused by flushing wet wipes down toilets and pouring fat down sinks has seen a significant drop in the number of sewage flooding incidents caused by blockages in public sewers.

It’s still important that homeowners do their bit though and Wessex Water’s complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about mis-labelled ‘flushable’ wet wipes has highlighted that consumers are still not always certain about what they can and can’t flush to their sewer.

Sewage Flooding Clean Up

Although sewage flooding is rare, when it happens it has a huge impact on residents of the affected dwelling and it’s important to tackle the issue quickly and with the right level equipment. Harmful bacteria and viruses will be present in the flood debris and can quickly spread on contact with the sewage material, affecting the health of adults, children and even pets. Make sure you close any doors which will keep cross contamination to a minimum and wear protective clothing if you are likely to come into contact with the sewage. Wash hands thoroughly after handling anything that has come into contact with the mess or with any equipment used for cleaning or containing the sewage.

At South West Drainage Services we are available on 24 hour call out to help to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible following a sewage flooding incident. We aim to be on site within 2 hours and will contain the mess and identify the cause of the blockage. Our drain jetting and CCTV drain survey services will allow us to quickly locate the source of the problem and we can recommend the most cost effective remedial action to resolve it. We can then get the site cleared and cleaned and advise on how to handle any contaminated items such as floor surfaces, upholstery and furniture.

The best cure is prevention though so think twice before you flush wet wipes or drain fat away into your sewer as it may come back to haunt you!