Why is my water bill so high?

Summer is on it’s way and naturally households on water meters start to warily eye the garden worrying that lawn sprinklers, paddling pools and veggie plots are going to take their toll on their annual water bill. Some of those expenses are of course unavoidable but there are many more areas around the home that could be wasting more water than you think.

Overflows and constantly filling toilets

Dripping or leaking overflow pipes on the exterior of a house can be an indication that a cistern or cold water tank has a faulty valve and so water is continuously flowing into and out of the tank or cistern. Many modern toilets will actually siphon the water straight into the pan, so you may see a constant trickle into the bowl of the toilet itself if you don’t have an external overflow pipe. As well as wasting water which you are paying for, ina worst case scenario this wasted water could be entering your septic tank or cesspit and adding to the cost of having that emptied. At South West Drainage Services our experienced plumbers can investigate and identify a leaking tank or cistern and will be able to fix it for you to ensure you aren’t paying for water you don’t use.

Cracked pipework

Inlet pipework that wasn’t insulated properly can spring a leak as the winter weather gives way to spring. Often this can be just a small but steady loss of water especially on outside taps or pipes that service an exterior building such as a garage or green house. Keep an eye on any exterior pipework to make sure you aren’t wasting water unecessarily.

How much does my paddling pool cost to fill?

Paddling pools are a popular activity in the summer months for families with children and it regularly filling them up can be a worry on a water meter. A standard 5ft paddling pool filled to around 30cm deep actually only uses 0.5 cubic metres of water, costing around £1, which for a day’s activity for children suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. By comparison, a washing machine uses around a third of that at 0.18 cubic metres per load.

If you are worried about a higher than usual water bill South West Drainage Services can help to locate and resolve any leaks you might have. Get in touch for more information.