Finding A Plumber You Can Trust

Engaging a reliable plumber can be a challenge, especially for pensioners or older people who may feel vulnerable and unsure about having a stranger in their home. At South West Drainage Services we are used to working in people’s homes and understand that it is important to be clean, tidy and professional at all times. Our engineers are uniformed and will always explain what they are doing to ensure the householder is comfortable with the work being undertaken and understands the impact to their home and  their services. Senior team members are always on hand for engineers to check or verify anything they are unsure of and we practice a culture of learning rather than blame so that engineers are encouraged to flag up any questions they have to other team members so that they don’t feel pushed in to tackling anything that they aren’t confident with. This ensures a high level of service and reduces the likelihood of mistakes being made on site which is important when working in somebody’s home.

We recognise that drainage problems can be dirty and always ensure our engineers have ample dust sheets, plastic sheeting and absorbent materials to hand to prevent damage and to clean up any spills that may occur. Engineers will not leave a job part done unless absolutely unpreventable, for example where non standard tools or skills need to be brought in and in that scenario we will arrange a revisit date with the resident and ensure that immediate mess has been contained and essential services have been restored as well as possible in the situation. We work hard to make sure that any reinstatement work that is undertaken is done to the highest possible standard and use matching materials where possible, and will always consult with you first about your requirements to make sure the work is done to your satisfaction.

All our engineers are employed by us and not sub contractors which means they take pride in their work and are accountable for the standard of customer service they deliver. We ensure ongoing and relevant communication with house holders throughout the process of undertaking drainage services for them and will schedule appointments by phone, text or email depending on your requirements. We endeavour to confirm the appointment on the day by calling ahead to ensure we reduce any inconvenience or concern to you