Get Rid of Sink Odours in Your Kitchen

Smelly Sink?

As plumbing and drainage experts we see all sorts of grime and grunge in people’s plumbing, and one of the worst offenders can be your kitchen sink. As food scraps collect in the trap under your sink they can start to rot resulting in unpleasant smells coming back up the plughole. The trap under the sink is the key to why you don’t get more sewerage smells finding their way into your house. This clever piece of engineering uses no moving parts and is such a simple and effective solution to creating a barrier between you and the sewer that most us never give it a second thought. The water that pools in the U bend of the trap in all sinks, and your toilet for that matter, creates an air tight seal meaning noxious sewer gases can’t escape back into your home.

However, that same design can collect food particles which release smells as they decompose, and it is always worth trying a few things yourself before calling out the professionals to take a look. Although there are plenty of powerful chemical cleaners and unblockers on the market, simply mixing equal quantities of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar should yield excellent results.

Unblock Your Sink In Minutes

We would suggest tipping around a cupful of bicarb down the offending plughole. Some will sit on top but that is fine. Then take a cupful of vinegar (any sort will do) and tip it on top of the bicarb. The acid will react with the alkaline bicarb and produce some exciting fizzing and this action down in the sink pipes should release trapped food and neutralise odours. After 20 minutes or so rinse with a kettle of hot boiling water.

If that treatment doesn’t solve your smelly sink problem South West Drainage Services are always on hand to advise, and we carry specialise equipment meaning we can safely and easily inspect your internal plumbing as well as your sewer and drainage system outside the house. Identifying and fixing blockages is what we do best!

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